• Language Classes.
  • Home Management.
  • Teachers Training.
  • Personality Grooming.
  • Mother & Child Training.
  • Yoga, Aerobics & Meditation

A New You

Being a part of “New You”, we believe that you are the best of people in the world for believing in ‘A New You’. Enhance your capabilities, and skill to become better day by day. Our program  ‘A New You’ focuses on the core requisites of the perfect life, as a Daughter, Sister, Mother, Teacher, Colleague, Friend or Wife. Helping you improve your intellectual level, skill, thinking process, belief, physical health, mental health, management, focus, optimism and most importantly the will and strength to make a difference. Starting from your personality including your personal grooming, we believe, making you trust your self is very important, and for maintaining the trust on us should be something in response from your behalf. We believe that after this course, you will find yourself a better performer, a better communicator, a better presentable entity with high level of understanding, passion, and dignity and off-course with the margin of trust that helps you in your life as a serious essence of survival. Followed by the home management techniques, Teacher’s training, and motherly concerns for mother and child training is something that is going you make you a more idealistic person who knows it all, We wish you all the best for the course, and pray that God be with us, and Give us strength to perform better in the society with our full dedication and enthusiasm.

Cooking and Sewing Competition

Held at the local council level, to encourage young women and housewives to compete.     Cooking and Sewing Competition

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